Friday, January 20, 2023

Introducing Buzz

 Stretchy the elephant, with a trunk that could stretch

It's a sight to behold, she'd use it to paint and teach With her friends by her side, they'd do yoga and play Stretchy's secret talent, an artist at heart, she'd paint all day

From sunsets to flowers, wild scenes and more Stretchy's trunk grabbed her brush and she painted galore Admired by all, but as she got older, time was less But with her best friend, Buzz, they'd make a mess

With three daughters between them, they made quite the buzz Stretchy's daughter Emma, a daredevil, loved to fly and fuss Sweet and fearless, Emma loved Bob Marley too Bizzy and Beezy, Buzz's daughters, joined in the fun and made the group true

Laughing and playing for hours, that's what true friends do Having each other's back, being silly, and going on adventures too.

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Yoga education in fun posts, comics, animations, and videos. Stretchy the elephant loves yoga and has tons of fun ideas to make it easy to understand for kids, adults, and yoga teachers.

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