Thursday, January 19, 2023

Stretchy Elephant

 Stretchy the elephant, a cartoon divine

With a trunk that stretches, oh so fine She's always getting into mischief and play Making her friends laugh, night and day

With her big floppy ears and wrinkly skin She's a sight to see, let the grins begin She loves to practice yoga, with each pose so neat And learn new things, she can't be beat

She's got a heart of gold, and a smile so wide She's always there for her friends, by their side Through thick and thin, she'll be there till the end Stretchy the elephant, our cartoon friend

She may be stretchy, but she's strong and true Always up for an adventure and learning too With Stretchy around, the fun never stops She's the life of the party, and the cream of the crops She's an example of balance and education With her yoga and knowledge, she'll reach new heights, with determination.

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Yoga education in fun posts, comics, animations, and videos. Stretchy the elephant loves yoga and has tons of fun ideas to make it easy to understand for kids, adults, and yoga teachers.

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