Saturday, April 1, 2023


 An elephant named Stretchy, wants to learn maths

She moves along slowly, but her mind's on a quest To learn all about numbers

Numbers are fun, each one with its charm From one to ten, she wants to learn them all 

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and more She'll master them all, and be a math pro, for sure

Algebra and geometry, trigonometry too Stretchy will learn them, and be a math whiz, it's true Examples like 2x3, and the Pythagorean rule Stretchy will solve them, with her sharp math tools

So let us all cheer, for Stretchy the math queen She'll ace every test and make numbers routine With her sharp mind, and her love for the math Stretchy will soar, and leave others in her path.

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Yoga education in fun posts, comics, animations, and videos. Stretchy the elephant loves yoga and has tons of fun ideas to make it easy to understand for kids, adults, and yoga teachers.

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