Friday, January 20, 2023

Meeting Jer Bear

 Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a young and beautiful elephant named Stretchy. She was known throughout the land for her love of colorful bows and her talent in designing. Stretchy had always dreamed of flying, and with determination and hard work, she made that dream a reality by attending college and learning how to soar through the skies.

Despite her many accomplishments, Stretchy had yet to find her true love. She had dated many suitors, but none of them had captured her heart. She began to wonder if she would be alone forever, and even considered adopting a child to raise on her own.

But fate had other plans for Stretchy. One day, she confided in her dear friend, a matchmaking badger, about her troubles. The badger, who had a keen eye for love, declared that she knew just the right mate for Stretchy: a tall, handsome teddy bear named Jer Bear.

The badger, eager to bring the two lovebirds together, contacted Jer Bear and exclaimed that she knew his future wife was waiting for him. But Jer Bear, busy with his own affairs, asked her to slow down as they had never met before. Stretchy too, was hesitant as she knew nothing about Jer Bear.

Despite their initial skepticism, the badger's instincts proved to be true. Stretchy and Jer Bear met and their romance blossomed like the most beautiful of flowers. They went on many adventures together, from fancy dates at hole-in-the-wall bars to movie nights under the stars.

One rainy night, as they were leaving the cinema, Stretchy's heart sank as she saw the water seeping into her new shoes, but Jer Bear, being the chivalrous bear he was, saved the day by whisking her away to his car.

From that day on, the two were inseparable. They lived happily ever after in their small house, raising a family and creating a lifetime of memories together. And the badger, who had brought them together, lived to see the love story she had woven with her own hands. The end.

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