Friday, January 20, 2023

Poem of Snakes

 A woman of virtue, with a heart full of grace

Made mistakes, but always found a way to chase

Her dreams of helping others, in a group of like kind Offering gifts, she tried to ease the struggling minds

But a snake in the grass, caused her much distress She tried to fix the damage, but faced nothing but stress

Her reputation was hurt, but she tried to cope But jealousy and deceit, caused her to lose all hope

They kicked her out, without hesitation She struggled to understand, the lack of appreciation

But she knew she couldn't change, the actions of the vain So she continued to give love, and rise above the pain

A woman of virtue, with a heart full of grace Continues to overcome, and find her rightful place.

In this version, the details of the story are less specific, making it more veiled and abstract. It also focuses more on the protagonist's inner thoughts and feelings, rather than the specific events that led to her being kicked out of the club.

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