Friday, January 20, 2023

Silly clubs

 Stretchy, a girl with a heart full of grace,

Made mistakes, but she always found her way. She joined The Rancher's Wives Private Style Society, with hope in her heart, Offering free gifts, she tried to help them all play their part.

She befriended a liar, who caused her much pain, Stretchy tried to clean up her mess, but was often met with disdain. Her friend didn't do her fair share, it made many folks mad, For she spread lies and rumors, and Stretchy's reputation was bad.

Her kindness was met with disdain, and others cried foul play, For many of those Stretchy had helped, refused to pay. One member even demanded free shoes, and when Stretchy gave them away, She shamed her publicly with lies, and kicked her out of the club that day.

Stretchy's spirit was a little broken, but she knew she couldn't change, The actions of the vain, so she continued to give love, to rearrange. With a heart full of grace, Stretchy continues to try, To overcome her past, for in life, we must all give it a try.

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Yoga education in fun posts, comics, animations, and videos. Stretchy the elephant loves yoga and has tons of fun ideas to make it easy to understand for kids, adults, and yoga teachers.

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