Friday, January 20, 2023

MeMe the Fashion Fiend

 All characters are fictional and no matter how they may seem like real people or places, they are just works of imagination.

MeMe from Arkansas, with fashion in her soul She'd sew and design, with her unique style and goal From the fields of cotton, to the runway and beyond MeMe's designs were a sight to behold, a new fashion bond

With her southern roots, she'd infuse tradition and grace But also a hint of edgy, her designs had a unique pace She'd work day and night, to bring her creations to life And her hard work paid off, with her designs causing a stir and strife

From Little Rock to New York, MeMe's name spread far and wide With celebrities and models, wearing her designs with pride MeMe, the southern belle, with fashion in her heart Her designs, a true work of art, a brand new start

She never forgot her roots, and always stayed true To her southern heritage, her designs fresh and new MeMe from Arkansas, a fashion force to be reckoned with Her designs, a true representation of her unique southern twist

In Dallas, MeMe opened her own store, Where her designs could be bought and adored Customers came from near and far, To see MeMe's designs, they were stars

But beneath the surface, MeMe's fashion hub was full of lies Two-faced and deceitful, her true colors would rise Her business was built on deceit and betrayal Leaving those close to her, feeling hurt and frail

MeMe's store in Dallas, a facade, a shell A reminder that not everything is as it seems, and to be careful who we dwell.

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