Friday, January 20, 2023

Sly MeMe

 MeMe, the sly cat with a leopard's roar

Greedy and cunning, she'd break hearts galore Her friends, she'd backstab, stealing money to spend An alcoholic, she'd never own up to her end

She knew her friends secrets, but blamed them instead Over spending, causing problems, she'd never shed A tear for the hurt she caused, the damage done MeMe, the sly cat, never saw what she had done

She thought she was untouchable, above the law But her actions caught up, and her downfall was raw No more breaking hearts, no more stealing and lies MeMe learned the hard way, a lesson to rise

But even now, she still tries to steal and cheat A reminder to all, to be careful who you meet.

Please note that this poem is about a negative and destructive character and the actions described should not be condoned or encouraged in any way.

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