Sunday, January 22, 2023

Poem draft for feelings

 I know that I don't always say the right things, and I feel badly about that. I know that I talk badly about you sometimes, and I don't mean to. I know that you do and say mean things too, and I understand that. But when things are good between us, they're great. I am lost in you, and sometimes you confuse me. I feel like I lose parts of myself when I'm with you, but I also feel like I've found a home.

We are both homebodies, and when we're together, we sink into the oblivion of being home. We lose ourselves, hiding under a rock, trying to ignore the chaos of the big, scary world. But when we do that, we start to nitpick little things and forget to appreciate what we've always loved about each other.

The pressures of the world are speeding up time, and I remember a time when things were slower, when we focused on snuggles and forgot our troubles. I want to go back to that time, when we were just two people in love, wrapped up in each other's arms, forgetting about the world outside.

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