Sunday, January 22, 2023

Poem of Love Feelings

 I don't always say the right things,

It's true, my heart it stings, I talk badly, it's not right, And I see now, it's not light.

You do mean things, it's true, But I know it's not just you, When things are good, they're great, It's a love that can't be beat.

I'm lost in you, it's true, Confused, with nothing to do, I lose parts of me, it's true, But with you, I feel brand new.

We're homebodies, the both of us, Together, we sink, into the fuss, Lose ourselves, hide under a rock, Ignore the world, and it's clock.

But in this oblivion, we nitpick, Forget to appreciate, it makes us sick, The world speeds up, time flies, A slower time, where love thrives.

We focused on snuggles, forgot our woes, But now, we must learn to let it go, Remember the love, that once was pure, And strive to make it forevermore.

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